Thursday, June 20, 2013

It Was What????

I love taking discarded items and seeing what I can make out of them. I mean you can marry a top from a desk and a table frame to make a cute table or an old table leaf and a metal frame to make a cool coffee table. Spindles from a bed make great legs!! The list is endless.  Well this project was no different.

Here is the before...maybe I should call this project from beast to beauty???

This was an antique fainting couch. The fabric well---let's just say those little cherub things had seen better days but I loved the wood frame and thought it would make a great coffee table. It had great bones. So I  started the tearing apart of this beast. 
It was covered with padding, this white stuff and I think even some horse hair stuffing but look at what was underneath all that.  SPRINGS- I love these things and over 40 of them. Each spring was held in by 2 nails on each side with tacks here and there. Lots of finger work on this one.

So here it is down it's bare bones. Now on to clean it up and take off the head portion of the couch and find some scrap wood I can use for the top. So after this point I didn't do so hot taking pictures until I was finished- yeah I know rookie mistake....

Here is the finished product. I used old pallet boards, fence boards and an old well ruler to make the top.  Dry brushed on various colors of ASCP and stained or kept some natural. I love it. I hope someone will too. I think it would look great at the lake place!! Can you tell summer is finally here and we are ready to spend some time out at the lake? 

A little closer look. You can see the antique well ruler. This was the neatest thing. It was 12 feet long with hand painted measurements on it. I thought it looked great with the other rustic wood. 

So one more look..... before and after.

This beast is now a beauty!!

What have you revamped lately? Isn't it fun and almost therapeutic? 

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  1. Ah-haaa!! Lovely rescue!! I know Mama's Happy...great shop and people :)

    1. Thanks Laurel!! I have followed you for a while and love your stuff- you are the queen of rescuing and revamping things!! Thank you so much for the compliments.

  2. It sure is a beauty! I love that you found the springs inside too... bonus! Your bench looks gorgeous! I love this project!