Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lend A Helping Hand

I got the best phone call the other day!! The gal was wondering if I would be interested in doing a demonstration about repurposing furniture at a fund raiser event for a local charity called Hope Chest. This charity helps out women and their families that are going through breast cancer. They help with the financial aspect of dealing with cancer so the patient can concentrate on healing.  It is a great charity that has helped out many women in our area.
Our family like many others have been hit hard by cancer.  We have lost some very special people in our family and we have rallied around our survivors to help them celebrate their victory over this disease. I have seen not only the emotional help that is needed while they go through this journey but also the financial- money to pay for heat, money for gas to go to their treatments.
So when I was asked to help out well- heck yeah any time any where.

So now to decide what to do there. It'll be me and my trusty paint brush and of course my favorite paints Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. Do you think I can wear my usual painting clothes- oh wait- I don't have anything but those kind of cloths. I am one of those messy painters.
Maybe something with numbers, chippy paint, or a little worn looking...
A little bit of sanding, mixing colors or maybe a wash.
What fun and what a great cause!! Thanks to Pam and Hope Chest for asking me to join them!!
Once I get more info I  will update the post and put it out on facebook so if you'd like to join me I'd love it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

High Boy No More

A sweet friend of mine gave me this dresser. I think it is called a high boy. It was a heavy- and I mean heavy- duty dresser. Very well built. I wanted to do something different with it besides leave it a dresser. I thought it would make a cute armoire type piece of furniture. I could envision cute little rain boots with a little yellow rain coat in an entry way.

Here is the before. I got a little excited and started ripping it apart before I remembered to take some before pics. It had great bones.  By this point I had taken out the drawers the their braces.

Next I found some old wood we had stored up in the rafters of the garage. They came in handy after being up there for a few years- ok 9 years to be exact- hubby said he was saving those...sure dear saving them for how long? This was the crate that our AC unit came in when we were building our house. Thanks to Marsh Heating!!

I cut the boards down to make a bottom for the frame, the shelf and the divider thingy- yeah I know not very good English. After I took a step back and couldn't believe I actually did it and there were no injuries with the power tools- now I won't say there weren't a few words said but you should have seen the happy dance when it all came together. Next up was to paint the inside with a pale blue that was rubbed down with a stain over that. I also gave the outside a dry brushing in that pale blue so when I sanded down the final color it would show through.

So here he is in all his glory. I added a barn red color to the outside and added some hooks and it was finished. This baby was going to stay at our house but then when my hubby heard that I got that look that says "you can't keep everything you make, bring it to the shop". So off it went to the shop and found a cute apartment for a young lady who was just starting out and decorating her new place.

So the next time you score that free dresser think about what you can do with it. Take out the drawers and add some old cupboard doors, make shelves and add baskets...I could have even added some old shutters to this for some doors.

 That's it for now I'm off to find my next project.....have a good one!!

So I did it!!!!!!!! I figured out how to do the linky thing and get this project over on East Coast Creative so I could join in on all the fun with their Creating with the Stars party. If you haven't ever been to their site it is a must. These gals are hilarious and their projects- well, let's just say pretty awesome.  Just looking at all the entries is amazing so much talent out there.  If you have a chance click on the link below and check out all the projects that have been submitted- truly amazing!!

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Riding the Roller Coaster

Yeah, I am the person in line at the roller coaster trying to decide if I should go on the next ride or just stay back and wait until the time is right- will it ever be the right time?  But then I hear my grandma (89 years young) say "What the hell.", shruggin' her shoulders and going along with whatever comes her way.  So, I am jumpin' in and ready to start this ride!! Ready to climb that hill of the unknown and experience the thrill of coming out the other side.

This ride of mine- well let's just say it'll have some DIYs - ok probably alot of that, crafty type things, my treasure adventures, being a mom to 3, being a wife and all the craziness that comes along with it. Ya never know what might show up- it'll be that curve on the ride your weren't expecting. Now for those of you that know me.... you'll know there won't be much talk about cooking unless I have my hubby or daughter (thank goodness she takes after her dad in that department) do a post. My cooking skills amount to taking it out of the freezer and putting it in the microwave or opening the bag of cereal. So yes I'll stick to the power tools, painting and dumpster diving.

I hope you will join me on this roller coaster.  Can I beg here????  Jump on with me, enjoy the ups and downs, the curves that come along with it and see where it goes.  I'm sure it'll be a wild ride!!

So get those seat belts on because we are next in line.......