What to write about me...okay I have re-tryped this about 20 times. So here goes.....

Life in our house is crazy- my motto is there is never a dull moment in the Hayes household. With 3 kids from ages 4-15 years old, 2 dogs along with me and my hubby it does tend to get a little nuts but that is our life and we are lovin' it.

Yes I will admit it I am one of those dumpster diving, saw using, not so clean mouth at time ladies that walks funny in heels.  Best outfit is splattered in paint and comfy or a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  Honestly I think my 10 year old walks better in heels then I do. If you stop at my house unannounced you'll probably find not the tidiest of places but it is well lived in.

There was a reason why god had me marry my husband- he knew I'd starve. I have the husband that does the cooking- and yes I mean all the cooking and most of the grocery shopping and the gardening- I know how cool huh ladies!! He even cuts coupons. He is the best cook- thank heavens!! He will roll his eyes at my crazy ideas but that's what he loves about me.

I work full time for an IT company and do my creative work in my spare time in the midst of my garage, on my kitchen table or work room in the basement. Once a month I sell my transformations at the cutest little shop called Mama's Happy. If you are ever in Minnesota you'll have to stop by. I have a blast getting ready for the sale each month and coming up with new items to help brighten someone's house.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check things out. You'll never know what you'll find on my blog. Everything from my dumpster treasures to what I did for a Halloween treat at the school party to - and yes this is gross- how to clean up the dog's puke without heaving myself-remember I told you it is never dull at our house.  I promise you'll usually have a few laughs when you are reading.

It's that unexpected thing that makes for some of the best moments in life.


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